Google Allo :: New Chat App

Google Allo is a new chat app that’s as smart as Facebook Messenger without using bots.

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Today at Google I/O, CEO Sundar Pichai announced some new tweaks for Google Photos, which he says now has over 200 million users. You’ll now be able to communicate via Photos with two new apps — yes, really.

A new messaging app named Allo is a “smart messaging app” that learns over time to be more expressive and productive. It’s based on your phone number, so there’s no fussy sign-up process to worry about.


No xMas Tree? No problem!

Just let your imagination Run!! 



Thanksgiving Day: new Cyber Monday

Thanksgiving Day is becoming the new Cyber Monday for online shopping

The term “Cyber Monday” was coined in 2005, as consumers returning to work after the Thanksgiving weekend logged on to their PCs to do holiday shopping and snatch up deals from e-commerce websites.


Cyber Monday still reigns as the biggest day of online shopping over the Thanksgiving period, but consumers are increasingly turning to the web for holiday shopping on other days as well, according to data from comscore charted for us by Statista.

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16-24s Most Likely to Block Ads

16-24s Most Likely to Block Ads-GeekOfWeb

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Our latest Q3 2015 data shows that younger age groups are still the most likely to turn to ad-blockers. Each month, over a third of 16-24s globally say they are doing this – peaking at 42% in Europe where the issue has arguably generated the biggest headlines to date.

That usage of ad-blockers is lowest among 55-64s creates something of a paradox: this oldest group expresses the most concern about online privacy/data and is also the least keen to see personalized recommendations based on their browsing history or previous purchases. In short, that means 55-64s are some of most resistant to ads but the least likely to use ad-blockers.

All this suggests that ad-blocking is set to become still more common as awareness of these tools increases among older age groups. Indeed, it must be telling that one of the longer-established and more well-known behaviors – deleting cookies – shows no variation at all by age. 55-64s are just as likely as 16-24s to be erasing cookies, giving us a sign of how the ad-blocking trend is likely to evolve.